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Sites of Inhumanity

In the area surrounding the memorial sites of the SS special camp/concentration camp at Hinzert there are numerous memorials reminding you of the suffering of the prisoners of the concentration camp and the many murders committed on groups of prisoners.
Information tableaus in four languages provide information on these "sites of inhumanity" and what happened and arrange it briefly into its historical context. A map of these "sites of inhumanity" within a vicinity of approximately 5 km depicting the routes is available at the memorial site. Groups have the possibility of going close to these sites by bus in good weather conditions.
To date, the following historical locations are shown as "sites of inhumanity":

  • Former quarzite quarry (shooting site 1942)
  • Memorial for strike victims 1942
  • Luxembourg strike victims 1942 (on the former mass grave)
  • Murdered Soviet prisoners of war 1941 (information on the memoria)
  • Mass grave of Soviet prisoners of war (in a trench)
  • Victims of the cloak-and-dagger decree 1942/43 (in a trench)
  • Memorial for the resistance fighters 1944
  • Luxembourg resistance fighters 1942 (on the former mass grave)
  • Former prisoners’ cemetery 1942-1944
  • Proposed mass liquidation trenches 1944

Part of the nationwide, international significance of the memorial site and the "sites of inhumanity" connected with it was underscored by the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament in September 2005 by a national law limiting the freedom to meet at these historical sites. The purpose of this was to prevent any disturbances to the memorial to the victims by neo-nazi groups. The sites of inhumanity, along with the exhibition within the documentation and meeting house and the cemetery are incorporated into the historical and political educational activities of the Federal State Central Authority for Political Education, in particular under the aspect of remembering the victims who had to die for freedom and the dignity of mankind.

Pictures "Sites of Inhumanity"

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