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The Permanent Exhibition

In the middle of the exhibition room there is a projection cube for basic information which is transmitted from the ceiling to the cubes by means of a beamer. Here you can see documentaries on the concentration camp and also electronic cards can be recalled to view the position of the SS special camp within the Nazi concentration camp system. You can also get an impression of the prisoners' barracks on the basis of historical photos. When entering the building, your view will take you to the large window which throws light into the room and which also has a double function for the exhibition. The view to the outside makes the present reality of the grounds visi ble on which the former prisoners' camp was located from 1939 until closure of the concentration camp in March 1945 and its remain, unused until 1946. You can see meadows and windmill plants built a few years ago.
However, the view to the outside is interrupted by the photography of the barracks on the large window taken in 1946 at approximately the site of the current memorial. As such, you have a direct view of the former SS special camp / the concentration camp at Hinzert and the picture merges into the somewhat idyllic reality of today. You become aware of the fact that, while the camp was in existence, it could be seen directly from the road going past it which connected the towns of Hinzert and Reinsfeld. The accommodation for the guards was on the other, right-hand side of the road opposite the prisoners' camp where the cemetery is now located. The exhibition itself is grouped into seven subject matters. The introductory texts on the individual focal points give you a first impression of the exhibition:

  • History of the Camp
  • The Prisoners
  • Crimes and Criminals
  • Murder in Hinzert
  • Daily Life in the Camp
  • Artistic Witnesses
  • After 1945


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